Hummingbird Films makes documentaries that do what video does best: showing things that aren’t ordinarily seen, going where one doesn’t ordinarily go, and captivating viewers through dramatic photography, intelligent commentary and interviews, and imaginative editing.


“Lynn Margulis: The Revolution is in Progress”  There is a revolution happening in science, right now. Yet most people are unaware of it.  This film — our follow-up to EVO —  is about this revolution and how it affects our daily lives. One of the revolutionaries, and the star of this film, is Lynn Margulis, a courageous evolutionist and geoscientist who died unexpectedly of a stroke in November of 2011. A lively, personable, and down-to-earth scientist, her pioneering ideas cast doubt on accepted scientific “dogma,” and she had to triumph over ridicule, scorn, and chauvinism. Learn more.

“EVO: Ten Questions Everyone Should Ask About Evolution” All living things are interdependent. This interdependence came about through 3.6 billion years of the evolution of life.“EVO: Ten Questions Everyone Should Ask about Evolution” makes innovative use of DVD technology and an inquiry-based approach to explain basic concepts of biological evolution. EVO stresses that cooperation is as important in evolution as competition. The DVD engages students in evolution through the words of top evolutionary biologists, narration, stunning cinematography and animation. It consists of ten short films based on ten essential questions in evolution. The DVD is structured to incorporate group discussion into the learning process and challenges viewers to grapple with important scientific ideas. EVO awakens a lively interest in scientific inquiry.  Learn more

Hummingbird specializes in Renewable Energy Education… (learn more)

“The Renewable Energy Show” Energy is in the news daily. We hear about the energy crisis, global warming, peak oil, alternative energy and renewable energy. We are asked to conserve energy and to buy efficient products. This lively and humorous video series is designed to help viewers sort this all out.  It consists of several videos, each 1 to 4 minutes in length, that cover the basics of renewable energy.   Some of the videos are satires (called ISA’s or Internet Service Announcements), others, are “mini-documentaries” that explain one aspect of the tapestry.  The series lays the groundwork for a new energy age in engaging – inquisitive – ways. It helps viewers understand the energy crisis and the current energy infrastructure; it helps them understand the new ways of getting energy; it encourages them to think about their own energy use; and presents the host of new jobs and new opportunities. Learn more.

“Energy and You: Renewable Resources and Innovative Solutions” (2009) Developed and produced for San Diego County Office of Education this is an innovative high school curriculum about energy, particularly renewable energy. The unit consists of five videos by John Feldman and a teacher’s guide by Rodger Bybee. The videos are: The Energy Crisis, Alternative Cars and Fuels, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Solutions. Learn more.

“BSCS: The Continuing Story” (28 minutes, 2007) Commissioned by BSCS in honor of its 50th anniversary, this half hour documentary looks at BSCS’s role as an innovative and pioneering force in the development of international science curricula since Sputnik.


Five Video Portraits (25 minutes, 2008) Portraits of Jessye Norman, Helen Frankenthaler, Ming Cho Lee, Merce Cunningham and The Durst Family commissioned in celebration of the 2008 Nelson A Rockefeller Awards by Purchase College School of the Arts, State Univeristy of New York. Available for viewing in our screening room.

I am Clay (30 minutes, 2006) This enlightening and captivating documentary reveals the value of natural clay as a material through which children can explore their own creativity, focus their energy, shape their ideas and express their emotions. The film presents current research on child development and includes facsinating information about clay as a curricular took, creative material and therapeutic medium. Produced by K-Play.

Aurora Valentinetti: The Puppet Lady. (30 minutes 2008) This ArTTalks portrait visits Aurora Valentinetti, the Puppet Lady and invites us into her world of professional puppetry. An inspirational documentary about a mature artist who learned “to never grow up.”

Dan Klennert: Sculpture “Art Piece by Piece” Dan Klennert makes art by dumpster diving and welding bits of metal into monumental sculpture about metal and the hands that shaped it from the past. An arTTalks portrait by Arne Zaslove and Global Works.

The Bubbleman. (30 minutes.) Gary Golightly is the Bubbleman. He travels around the world bringing happiness, wisdom and lots of laughter through his bubbles — large, small, and all over the place. His joy is seeing a child’s face light up when they behold a big bubble, when they realize that toys are everywhere, and when they realize that their parents aren’t always right. An arTTalks portrait by Arne Zaslove and Global Works.