First Prize, Audience Jury San Sebastian International Film Festival, 1990.

“…A nearly faultless piece of work.” Screen International Annabelle Larsen

$24.99 includes FREE shipping. This is a Standard Definition (4:3) DVD-R of the Director’s Cut of the movie. There are no extras or subtitles. Chapter markers every five minutes allow you to skip through in a civilized way.


Alligator Eyes is a sexy, humorous thriller about three old friends, Robbie, Lance and Marjorie, traveling together from New York City to North Carolina. On their way they pick up a hitchhiker — a mysterious, beautiful young woman called Pauline, who subtly redirects their journey and manipulates all three friends, using her tragic history to seduce the men and arouse sympathy in Marjorie. The emotions she arouses in the friends — love, suspicion and sympathy — lead them onwards as Pauline reveals more and more about her past. But in a dramatic conclusion we discover that Pauline has been the manipulated one, and she, finally, makes amends in her own way…


Laughing Man Partnership Presents “Alligator Eyes”
Starring Annabelle Larsen, Roger Kabler, Mary McLain, Allen McCullough
Director of Photography Todd Crockett
Music By Sheila Silver
Co-Executive Producer Jo Manuel
Executive Producer David Marlow
Produced by John Feldman and Ken Schwenker
Written and Directed by John Feldman


“Ambitious…a kind of Sex, Lies and Videotape of road movies, with Pauline as the sexually challenging stranger who exposes some of the deceptions in the other characters’ lives. The film has a firm grip on its audience’s attention.” Janet Maslin, The New York Times.

“This is a nearly faultless piece of work. The witty script and superb performances subvert this East coast road movie into a truly clever, funny and entertaining film.” Screen International

“A rewarding personal project –adventurous, original and idiosyncratic.”

“John Feldman possesses in abundance what most contemporary filmmakers lack — the ability to create three dimensional characters, a deft hand with actors, and an understanding of how to use the physical environment to express complex emotions.” Joel E. Siegel, Washington DC City Paper

“A brilliantly seductive thriller.” The Washington Post

“Scorching…John Feldman does wonders in building suspense. Annabelle Larsen is a knockout…an erotic, obsessive performance.” Peter Travers, Rolling Stone.