The Filmmakers

John Feldman (Filmmaker) met Margulis at the World Summit on Evolution in 2005 when making EVO: Ten Questions Everyone Should Ask about Evolution.  Lynn took an active interest in EVO, but when it was done she strongly urged Feldman to go further and make a film about ideas on the cutting edge of biology. Feldman has been making films for nearly 40 years – including dramatic feature films, educational science films, documentaries, and films for business.  His films have won numerous awards and received critical acclaim.  “Who the Hell is Bobby Roos?” won the New American Cinema Award from the Seattle Film Festival in 2002; “Alligator Eyes” won a first prize at the San Sebastian Film Festival in 1990; “EVO” won a CINE Golden Eagle award in 2011.  He has a BA in biology from the University of Chicago, an MFA in filmmaking from Temple University, and is an avid environmentalist and cinematographer.  More information click here.

Susan Davies (Hummingbird Films Producer) produced EVO: Ten Questions Everyone Should Ask about Evolution and several other films for Hummingbird Films including Energy and You: Renewable Resources and Innovative Solutions for the San Diego County Office of Education.  She has a MA in Film Studies from San Francisco State University.

James MacAllister (Associate Producer) was Margulis’s videoographer, archivist, colleague graduate student, and close friend. He brings to the project a deep understanding of her ideas and connections with her colleagues (many of whom we will interview). MacAllister has spent three decades engaged in all aspects of technical and artistic video production.  As a freelance producer and consultant, he made documentaries for PBS and earned honors from the Health Science Communications Association, The Society for Technical Communication, and The New England Chapter of the American Medical Writers Association.

Alex Marlow (Assistant Editor & Researcher) has been working on the Symbiotic Earth project since early 2014. Pursuing his passion for environmental films, he took a course in Screen Studies and Social Anthropology at the University of Manchester and then went on to complete a  BA (Hons) Environmental Management from the University of Leeds,  School of Earth & Environment. Alex comes to the project with a keen interest and understanding of Gaia theory and the work of Lynn Margulis.

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