EVO wins Parents’ Choice Award

“…this educational film manages to deliver advanced scientific concepts in a way that is both entertaining and accessible for a general audience. ”  see the full Parents Choice review 

EVO Teachers Guide by Rodger Bybee and John Feldman is off the press and available now!

Published by NSTA Press, the book looks great and will help teachers actively integrate EVO into the biology curriculum.  Click here to go to NSTA Press and learn more.  


EVO Receives four star review from Video Librarian

Calling EVO an “Editor’s Choice” Video Librarian said EVO is: “Informative but not pedantic, lucid without becoming simplistic, this is easily one of the best documentaries on the thorny subject of evolution.”  Here’s the entire review:

Another rave review for EVO. Thanks!



EVO has won the prestigious CINE Golden Eagle Award which has been widely recognized as a symbol of excellence in professional and independent filmmaking for over 50 years.  See our press release.