Educators’ EVO

Biology Teachers

The American Biology Teacher magazine (NABT) called EVO a “must-have” while saying,”If you are fortunate enough to teach high school or college biology or evolution, this DVD is for you!  Its 10 wonderful chapters (each running about ten minutes) provides a picturebook of evolution, crammed with remarkable images and well-known narrators.”  The reviewer, Sandra Latourelle from SUNY Plattsburgh, goes on to say that ‘one of my students opined, “This video taught me more about evolution than my evolution course.’ “

The EVO Teachers Guide by Rodger Bybee and John Feldman is now available from NSTA Press (National Science Teachers Association).  Click here to go there now.

The Teachers Guide is a set of ten lessons to complement the DVD, one for each question. The lessons are clearly written and in the 5E model and designed for high school biology.  A brief explanation of the 5E model is given for those not familiar with the format.

Teachers can use the book/DVD as a short course, as activities to complement the regular curriculum or as a jumping off point for student research questions.

Some of the lessons ask the teachers to break the class up into groups of students, each with a DVD.  To accommodate this Hummingbird Films is selling DVDs to teachers at a special price: 5 for $75.

Community Education

What You Can Do to get your community talking about evolution and related topics. Use EVO as a guide and inspiration.

  • Start a study group using EVO
  • Organize a community workshop at your library or local community center on EVO: Evolution, Cooperation and the Environment
  • Organize a community workshop at your library or local community center on EVO: Evolution and the God Question
  • Ask your public library to order copies of EVO
  • Tell your local science teachers about EVO