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On this website, you can explore our creative work, preview (in our Screening Room) and purchase DVDs from our catalog of critically acclaimed and award-winning independent, educational, and documentary films, opera, and John’s unique collaboration with composer Sheila Silver – MusicVisions. Visit to learn about her work.

What people are saying about Symbiotic Earth

An astonishingly important, deeply transformative, and original film — historic in fact. Its momentous news that all biological life (including ours) succeeds not by competition but by collaboration offers ways to resolve even our devastating global climate emergency.

Bill Blakemore

Veteran journalist and ABC foreign correspondent

This splendid film gives us insights into Margulis’ prolific career; and into the woman, whose vitality explodes across the screen with the force of a slow-motion supernova. I was by no means the only person who came away feeling I’d just witnessed a fifth force of nature.

Margaret Wertheim

Science writer, Melbourne, Australia